You decide on the acquisition to have the building or apartment. This extremely purchase is not expensive statistical unit, this is a your house. The seller tells you about a formalized parameters - size, number of rooms, number of floors, but it is not everything you need to take into account. An important component characteristic is a quality architecture, that you need for yourself. From the architectural advantages and disadvantages dependent comfort in use and liquidity in the market. Large apartment with a failed planning solution can be extremely uncomfortable and cramped. The huge mansion in a prestigious location could not become a symbol of success and could not realize the dream, it could be as a symbol of bad taste, a laughingstock. In such a house is impossible to live and sell it hard. Architect - expert would not recommend buying at the stage of selection.



The design of buildings is the first step towards the realization of dreams, the process of the birth of the concept of structure, its exterior and interior, binding to a site with all its features. Architectural engineering includes the preparation of project documentation in relation to the objects of capital construction and their parts, as well as in cases of major repairs of objects of capital construction, if it touches on the constructive and other characteristics of reliability and safety of such objects. During architectural design is determined by the type of your building, as well as peculiarities of its construction and use. Architectural design often determines the degree of reliability of the future building. Only proper design can serve as a guarantee for the durability and reliability of constructed or renovated buildings. Depending on whether it is about the building, office or warehouse premise, in other words, depending on the type of room, the design work can include various components. Different building types require different solutions when doing design work. The most difficult and time-consuming process in the work of any architect is to design buildings. This kind of project work requires specialist knowledge of the disciplines that must be considered in the design of houses. And it's not only about theoretical but also practical insight on the materials and solutions used in the design of buildings. The architect must take into account all the nuances, because the design of the houses is invisible, but the most important Foundation on which to build builders.


Implementation of supervision over construction ensures execution of works in strict accordance with the documentation. Under construction the architect visits the site and checks made United work for compliance with the project, answering questions of the builders. Possible adjustment of the separate design decisions. When the need for supervision may involve specialists on engineering systems and design. Supervision is usually charged for each visit to an object, but it is possible to specify the total cost of field supervision with the phased payment.


Project management is an integrated service providing organization of the construction process from design to delivery of the completed facility into operation. Construction management is the full responsibility of the contractor for deadlines, quality of works, their compliance with design and estimate documentation. Like any large-scale management, construction project management is a set of tasks, ensuring end result, which can fully satisfy the customer.

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